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We strongly recommend to plan visa application well in advance. The process of visa requests might take considerable time at Czech consulates and embassies and therefore you should apply for your visa at least 3 months before the conference takes place. For full details about visa requirements and application procedures, visit an official web site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Please visit the website for more information whether you should obtain a visa.

For official letters, following requests and required info

* Passport No, Expiry Date of Passport, Name Surname, Birth Day and Place
* Address
* Title of your submission

should be sent via email to

If you need original invitation letter, you must arrange the way to take delivery of invitation letter and you must pay shipping cost. WMMES can send the originals via regular post only because of the huge cost of cargo.

Please consider that WMMES does not give you any guarantee for acceptance of the VISA application, this is related with the regulations of the Embassy in your country.