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Specific Session Conveners

Prof.Dr. Piotr Gierlak - Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland

Prof.Dr. Abdullah Jamaluddin - University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof.Dr. Jaroslav Kovácik - Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic

Dr. Darshit S. Upadhyay - Nirma University, India

(listed in alphabetical order of surname)

This list is still being extended. You are also invited to be CONVENER OF A SPECIFIC SECTION related to one of the WMMES topics by organizing a group with a minimum of 10 presentations (oral and/or poster). We are expecting your proposals focused on new research topics and innovative issues. Conveners will be FREE OF REGISTRATION FEE as a compliment of WMMES if your session will be completed with the minimum 10 participants registered.